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Local audiences. Big results.

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic and leads, grow your business, get eyes on your page or just sell a couch, advertising on Kijiji and Admarkt is a great place to start.

Why Kijiji is the right place for your ads

6.3 million+

how many live ads are on Kijiji*

2 million

how many unique visitors Kijiji gets per day*


how many local sites Kijiji has to reach your customer*

*comScore, December 2016

Choose your own audience

Our data and specific targeting options allow you to engage custom audiences at scale – audiences you design. It’s like a direct line to your customers.

You got this

Listing on Kijiji couldn’t be easier: just create/upload your ad, set a budget, choose your audience and go. See? Easy. There are also banner options if you’re looking to go bigger.

Spoiled for choice

You can advertise on every category on Kijiji, so you can choose exactly which type of consumers you’re looking to reach.

It ain’t over (until you’re happy)

Your campaign doesn’t stop when you post - you’ll get daily reporting and results on your ads so you can tailor them as often as necessary to get the results you want.

Products for you

Choose what’s right for your business from the options below. We have advisors standing by if you have any questions.

Ad Listings

The easiest way to reach consumers in your area who are planning their purchase.

Performance Advertising

Admarkt adds more value to your business, placing your Buy & Sell products where consumers are shopping.

Meet your next customer

Learn what Kijiji users are looking for so you can help them find it.

  • Services

    Short and long term services as diverse as plumbers, nannies, music lessons, photographers and more. They’re eager and ready to find a professional who can help them out

  • Goods

    Everything from new and used cars, phones, bikes, antiques, concert tickets and more. Whether they’re comparison shopping or bargain hunting, they’re in a purchaser’s mindset

  • Value

    Visitors love the thrill of getting great deals on Kijiji, and the comfort of saving money

  • Local

    They love buying local and supporting their local economies. Location is a huge driver when it comes to purchase