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Why your ads belong on Kijiji.

6.6 million+

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2 million+

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*comScore, November 2017

A marketplace for everyone.

Our online community makes Kijiji a comfortable place for shoppers to make everyday purchases.

We create connections.

Your next customer is out there and we’ll help them find you. Using our rich data, we’ll reach the audiences for your business.

Get customers right where you want them.

Connect with local or national audiences, and drive customers to your store, your website, or your inbox.

Find your sweet spot.

Your campaign doesn’t stop when your ad goes live. You’ll get daily reporting and results, plus you can tweak your ad, your audience, and your budget as often as you like to get the results you want.

Integrated retail solutions.

Our retail solutions place your products in front of the right audiences.

Never miss a buyer’s click.

Turn relevant Kijiji searches into opportunities for your business.

Meet your next customer.

Shoppers come to Kijiji to research, browse, and buy all kinds of products – from bikes to baby strollers.
Our retail solutions can help you identify interested audiences at every step of their purchase journey:

  • Discovery:

    Shoppers come to Kijiji every day to browse new products. We’ll help make sure they discover yours.

  • Purchase:

    Your ad drives purchase-ready shoppers to your store, your website, or your inbox.

  • Loyalty:

    Connect with consumers in all the right places, with all the right products, and build loyalty for your brand.