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Welcome to Canada’s largest job search site

With diverse traffic coming directly from all major job boards in Canada, Kijiji is the place to find your next employee of the month.

Why Kijiji is the right place for your jobs


average monthly job searches1



average monthly time spent per visitor on Kijiji Real Estate2


largest Career Services & Development site in Canada2

1Kijiji Internal, Monthly Average, 2018 | 2comScore, Monthly Average, 2018

Something for everyone

Kijiji Jobs welcomes posts from all industries: including Accounting & Management, Graphic & Web Design, and Healthcare.

Pick your package

We’ve got a variety of subscription packages with various tools to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

Return customers

Job seekers are constantly returning to the site to see new postings, giving us more than twice the visits from serious job seekers than alternate sites.

Cover more ground

With the ability to post banner ads across different Kijiji categories, you can reach outside the jobs category and find prospective employees who didn’t even know they were looking.

Meet your next hire

Learn more about what job seekers are looking for.

  • Why

    Primary motivation is to find more opportunities and a career change

  • What

    Most job seekers are looking for full-time positions, although there are part-time seekers, too

  • Where

    Searchers associate employment agencies with offering a wide range of employment levels as well as a source of legitimate jobs

  • How

    Users tend to search intensively in short bursts, so they appreciate frequent postings and updates

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