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Why Kijiji is the right place for your brand

TOP 10

Kijiji is a Top 10 Publisher in Canada*

790 million

Average monthly page views Kijiji gets*


Kijiji's mobile reach

*comScore, Monthly Average, 2018

Choose your own audience

Our data and specific targeting options allow you to engage custom audiences you design at scale. It’s like a direct line to your customers.

Speak up

Our first-party data ensures you're reaching consumers at the right time.

All in the family

As a proud member of the eBay family, we’re pulling data and insights for you from customers across 3 of the most popular e-commerce sites in the country: Kijiji, eBay and Stubhub.

A helping hand

Your Kijiji advisor will help you create a detailed media plan, then track and change it according to your needs until you get the results you want.


As a proud member of the eBay family, we’re connected to over half of online Canadians*


of online populated reached monthly by eBay's family of Canadian sites*

18 million

monthly unique visitors to eBay's family of Canadian sites*

5.6 mins

average time per visit to eBay's family of Canadian sites*

*comScore, Monthly Average, 2018

The tools for your trade

Advertising with us comes with value added features to maximize success.

  • Custom audience insights and optimization
  • Full service account management
  • Multi-platform ad solutions
  • 3rd party programmatic buying solutions
  • Custom integrated/rich media solutions
  • Robust reporting
  • Campaign optimization
  • 3rd party effectiveness and studies

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Connect with a Kijiji advisor for expert tips, custom plans, and the best results from your $1,500+ campaign.

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