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Why Kijiji is the right place for your brand

TOP 10

Publisher in Canada*

783 million

how many monthly page views Kijiji gets*


Kijiji's mobile reach*

*comScore, December 2016

Choose your own audience

Our data and specific targeting options allow you to engage custom audiences you design at scale. It’s like a direct line to your customers.

Speak up

With our 51% reach across Canada, you can be sure your message will be spread far and wide. Plus, our first-party data ensures you’re reaching consumers at the right time.

All in the family

As a proud member of the eBay family, we’re pulling data and insights for you from customers across 3 of the most popular e-commerce sites in the country: Kijiji, eBay and Stubhub.

A helping hand

Your Kijiji advisor will help you create a detailed media plan, then track and change it according to your needs until you get the results you want.

Meet your next customer

People come to Kijiji ready to buy. They’re here for transactions, not distractions.

  • Browsers

    Here to look around, do some research and see what’s out there

  • Searchers

    Know exactly what they’re looking for and where: they’re searching specific key words and terms

  • Intenders

    Closer to purchase, Intenders are replying to listings, reaching out to sellers, and comparing prices

  • Buyers

    Have bought something, they’re open to other purchases which match their new vehicle.

  • Sellers

    Selling something means making room for something else, so sellers can also be also buyers.


Say hello to a larger audience on Canada’s most visited retail site*

As a proud member of the eBay family, we’re connected to over half of on online Canadians


of online population reached*

19 million

unique visitors monthly*

5.7 mins

per visit*

*ComScore, December 2016

The tools for your trade

Advertising with us comes with value added features to maximize success.

  • Custom audience insights and optimization
  • Full service account management
  • Multi-platform ad solutions
  • 3rd party programmatic buying solutions
  • Custom integrated/rich media solutions
  • Robust reporting
  • Campaign optimization
  • 3rd party effectiveness and studies

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