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Most visited Autos site in Canada

4.5 million

Total unique visitors to Kijiji Cars & Vehicles

50.2 MIN

Average time per visitor on Kijiji Cars and Vehicles

Source: comScore, Nov 2017

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Get the most eyes possible on your inventory.

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With more monthly traffic than our closest competitor, Kijiji means more leads, more business and better results.

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A destination designed to inspire and educate Canadian automotive professionals.

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Learn about each step of their purchase journey and see where you fit in.

  • Let’s see

    Realizing they need a new car, consumers come to Kijiji with a general idea of budget, needs and wants

  • Let’s learn more

    They’ve picked a direction and start refining their needs, visiting private sellers and dealerships

  • Let’s go!

    They’ll start negotiating price, arranging financing (if purchased through a dealer), and begin the process of trading in/selling their prior vehicle

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