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With the Kijiji Retargeting Program

What are retargeting ads?
Chances are you've seen them before.

You're shopping online

You're checking out a new pair of lightweight runners on your favourite shoe website.

Not ready to buy

You decide, for now, not to buy those lightweight runners and leave the website.

You see friendly reminders

Later, while surfing other sites, you see ads for those lightweight runners and decide: "I do want these." Then you click to the website to purchase.

Those ads could feature your property

With the Kijiji Retargeting Program, the ads for those lightweight runners could be your Kijiji property listing.

Kijiji takes retargeting a step further

As a program member, your ads will appear not only to the people who looked at your listing BUT also to the people who searched listings similar to yours.

How it works:

1. It all starts with a look

A seeker looks at a property on Kijiji but isn't ready to reach out. We get an idea of what they're looking for. So we're ready to remind and recommend.

2. Seekers are also surfers

A tracking pixel travels along with them as they visit other sites for work, play, and news.

3. We put your place in the right place

Kijiji-branded ads appear where seekers surf, showing them properties that they looked at or similar ones they might be interested in.

4. From sight to site

Clicking on your property ad takes them directly to your site, where they can learn more and book an appointment.

Retargeted listings leverage...

With our robust first-party data, we know who's looking for what and how to make the right connections.

3.6 Million

Monthly unique visitors to Kijiji Real Estate1


Monthly listings on Kijiji Real Estate2

18 Minutes

Monthly time spent per visitor on Kijiji Real Estate1

What's in it for you?

Your ads leverage Kijiji's first-party data

Over 3 million unique visitors view properties on Kijiji every month. We know what they’re looking for. So we know which of your properties to retarget them with.

Your properties get found in more places

The Kijiji Retargeting Program casts the net wider and places your property ads on brand-safe sites, making it easier for future tenants to find you or re-find you in the places they visit.

We drive traffic right to your website

When someone clicks on your retargeted ad, they go right to your website, where they can get even more information, see more of your properties, and book an appointment.

Take the
power of Kijiji
beyond our marketplace

The Kijiji Retargeting Program is available only to subscription customers with active listings. We’ll show your most relevant properties to future tenants on the sites they visit for work, play, and news.

Adding your properties to the Retargeting program is easy

  1. Opt in your active Kijiji listings
  2. Pick your desired number of clicks
  3. We take it from there
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