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Kijiji Shopping Ads

Drive shoppers to your product page

From our results page to your product page

Capture shoppers' attention as they scroll through their product search results. Kijiji Shopping Ads bring visibility to your products and drive visits from our marketplace to your product page.
  • Shopping Ads are delivered on all devices

  • Inventory and prices updated daily

  • Up to 1 million SKUs supported

  • Bypass and blockers

We can set your inventory up within a week

Product Feed Migration

We support and integrate all types of product feeds.

Product Feed Creation

If you don't have a feed - don't worry! Our team can build one for you.

Daily Inventory Refresh

We make sure your prices and inventory availability are up to date.

Major retailers are already connecting with Canadians using Kijiji Shopping Ads

Kijiji's Shopping Ads provide relevant and dynamic products recommendations for our customers. It is stylish and responsive, and has improved our customers' shopping experience.

Sam A from

Kijiji Shopping Ads have been a huge part of our business and product sales growth. 

Imad Hasna from Openbox

Turn Window Shoppers into Actual Shoppers