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Kijiji Insights

Kijiji is the most visited retail site in Canada. Find out how Kijiji’s marketplace and solutions help businesses connect with shoppers.
  • Kijiji Retail Solutions3.9mb

Kijiji insights by Industry

New to Kijiji? The following reports will give you a better idea of how other retailers leverage the Kijiji marketplace to drive sales.
  • Furniture, Décor & Tools5mb
  • Consumer Electronics, Computers & Phones5mb
  • Commercial Business & Equipment5mb
  • Auto Parts5mb
  • Sports & Leisure5mb
  • Fashion & Related Products5mb


Admarkt is Kijiji’s proprietary ad manager that powers our Performance Listing and Native Shopping Ad solutions. To make sure you can make the most of your Admarkt experience we’ve created these two guides to help you.
  • Admarkt Spend Guide14mb
  • Admarkt Support Guide17mb