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Performance Listings

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Open your products up to online discovery.

You’ve got the inventory – all you need now, is a way to reach new shoppers. Performance Listings is a Cost-per-Click (CPC) solution that puts you in control of the type of customers you want to reach and the budget you want to set.

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A powerful solution for retailers of any size

  • Access over 15 million unique monthly visitors across Canada
  • Tap into a wider range of shoppers (seeking a wider range of products)
  • Target through keywords, category and location

Flexible budget control

  • No setup fees, no posting limits – no nonsense
  • Only pay when a customer taps, swipes or clicks your listings
  • Control ad budgets at a product level

Full support & tutorials

  • Live customer support from Kijiji experts
  • Detailed video tutorials and user guides
  • Courtesy Welcome Call and onboarding walk-through

One simple control centre

  • Build and manage all your listings from one user-friendly console
  • Easily set and adjust monthly advertising budgets
  • Track impressions, clicks and your spend for each listing
  • Effortlessly import any existing Kijiji listings

Getting started is simple

Account setup

It all starts with a Kijiji account. Already have one? Perfect, you can register for Performance Listings with your existing account. New to Kijiji? Set up a new account and register.

24-hr verification

For the safety of our buyers and sellers, we verify every new account. After a 24-hour check, your account is ready to go.

Welcome Call

Once your account is verified, a member of our team will reach out to walk you through the platform – helping you get started on the right foot.

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