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Recommended for online retailers:

Native shopping ads

Encourage product discovery in a highly contextual environment. Our native shopping ads are a seamless solution designed for retailers with over 500 products looking to drive shoppers to e-commerce enabled pages.

  • Love at first sight

    Combine prominent placement and imagery for maximum shopper awareness.

  • Ad blockers be gone

    As a core part of our site, your products are protected from pesky ad blockers.

  • Visible price discounts

    Entice value-seeking shoppers with visible price drops or sale messaging.

  • Effortless discovery

    Products in your catalogue appear in targeted search and category results pages.

  • Ease of mind

    Our product feed can manage more than 500 products across any number of categories.

Have a smaller product catalogue?
We recommend:

Performance Listings
Reach a targeted audience of qualified online and in-store shoppers. An easy-to-use bid management solution designed to give greater advertising control through branded and detailed listings.

  • Multi-location

    Display multiple locations for shopper convenience and expanded buyer reach.

  • Visible price discounts

    Entice value-seeking shoppers with visible price drops or sale messaging.

  • Own your brand

    Customize listings with your logo, URL, and a dedicated seller page for your inventory.

  • Bid for position

    Take control over your listing placement on result pages through our Ad Manager.

  • Ease of mind

    Manage product content automatically across unlimited categories with daily refresh support.

  • We’ll lend a hand

    Have your products placed for consideration on a wide range of relevant Kijiji pages.

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Met the cap on your classic Kijiji ads?
We recommend:

You can continue posting our convenient, simple and familiar monthly listings. Kijiji Pay-As-You-Go listings can be equipped with a click-to-web feature to direct shoppers to your e-commerce site.

  • No cap on listings

    List as many products as you want to drive exposure in the Kijiji marketplace.

  • Easy-peasy

    No Ad Manager, pre-paid convenience. Once your ad is listed, you can get back to business.

  • Give it a boost

    Upgrade your listing with features like Top Ad placement, Urgent & Reduced messaging and more.

  • A different angle

    Satisfy shopper curiosity with up to ten photos per product listing.

  • Click-to-web

    Use our URL Listing feature to add a web link to your listing.

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