Autobarometer - May 2017

· Down a little bit in dealer cars and owner from last month. This is consistent with last year’s data indicating that May would usually be a less active month for Autos.

Ad lifetime:
· Overall increase in time on site from last month on all of the big car segments (exotic and other are the exceptions, but that is most likely due to the smaller inventory). Again, this indicates a slower month of May.
· Year over year, time on site increased in all the regions except in Western Canada, where it decreased in all but 2 car segments, showing an increase in activity in the West.

· Price has slightly wavered from the past month but not dramatically (-3% to 3%).
· For year over year measurements, its different across the board. Slight increase in price Canada-wide, 8% increase in Atlantic Canada but nothing significant for the rest of the regions.

New ads:
· Increase in new ads from the previous year across all regions with the minimum being a 16% YoY growth in Ontario and a high of 25.7% growth in Quebec (Canada average was a 21.1% growth). This shows we’ve grown our business effectively in all the regions and all car segments we offer.
· Increase in new ads from the previous month with the overall increase ranging from 1.9% in Ontario to 9.4% in Atlantic Canada (4.8% MoM growth Canada wide). Again, this shows a healthy site where dealers are contributing heavily in May.

*All reports include national and regional reports.