Autobarometer - March 2017

Overall, there was an increase of new advertisements in March due to the shorter month in February, and the largest increase in advertisements were seen in the Atlantic Canada region. New ads are steadily growing year-over-year at an average of 25% Canada wide, and ranging from 20% to 37% throughout all regions. This goes to show the good health of the Kijiji Automotive category.

Average vehicle pricing slightly dipped since last month, but is still looking higher than it did in March 2016.

Total views on Kijiji Cars and Vehicles increased from February as expected due to the shorter month, but Viewership is also performing much better than it did year-over-year. The increase in views for this month were mostly from Dealership advertisements rather than FSBO cars, showing an increased interest in the dealership market for this month.

*All reports include national and regional reports.