Autobarometer – April 2016

For April, we chose to do a deep dive into our Non-Passenger Vehicle (NPV) data. NPVs includes a variety of power sport and recreational-type vehicle subcategories within Cars & Vehicles on Kijiji. These subcategories sometimes get overlooked by the mass-market but are a source of great value and engagement to our users. Dominating the NPV category are the various types of motorcycles, which approach 50% of NPV listings, followed by the more seasonal segments like ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and personal watercraft (think canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks). You’ll notice that we’ve replicated much of our core Autobarometer data for these NPV categories, but there are some key points of exception: for example, the boat and watercraft categories are included in average price and age measurements, but not in the average kilometres metric– fishing boats and canoes don’t come equipped with a standard odometer!

There is currently a tremendous opportunity for dealer growth in the NPV categories with dealer inventory representing only 10% overall and online B2C client volumes have been growing substantially. Similarly, more of the B2C inventory is now being advertised year-round in seasonal categories, as it represents a unique branding opportunity to get in front of consumers both during their active buying phase (on-season) and during early research phases (off-season). You can see this happening in our results, where you see a higher number of days listed values for dealers vs. Canada. As with our core Autobarometer report, we can also see here that the top viewed brands remain consistent across both dealer and national inventory and are dominated by motorcycle makers given their strength on the site.

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