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Nurture phone leads for more sales with our Kijiji Autos Call Tracking Case Study.

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Millions of Canadians visit Kijiji and Kijiji Autos every month. Take advantage of our display and native advertising options to connect with the consumers you’re looking for.Download Complete Media Kit Download Autos Media Kit

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Bridge the gap between your dealership and Canadian car buyers with our latest 2019 report.

Trend Report

Autos Trend Report – May 2020

*All reports include national and regional reports.

  • National3.9mb
  • Alberta1.1mb
  • Atlantic1.4mb
  • BC1.1mb
  • Ontario1.2mb
  • Prairies1.2mb
  • Quebec1.1mb

Autos Trend Report – April 2020

*All reports include national and regional reports.

  • National728.2kb
  • Alberta1.3mb
  • Atlantic1.2mb
  • BC1.2mb
  • Ontario1.2mb
  • Prairies1.6mb
  • Quebec1.1mb

Autos Trend Report – March 2020

*All reports include national and regional reports.

  • National351.9kb
  • Alberta689.5kb
  • Atlantic690.2kb
  • BC689.6kb
  • Ontario689.7kb
  • Prairies690.1kb
  • Quebec689.9kb

Autos Trend Report – February 2020

*All reports include national and regional reports.

  • National660.7kb
  • Alberta692kb
  • Atlantic692.1kb
  • BC692.1kb
  • Ontario692kb
  • Prairies692.3kb
  • Quebec692.8kb

Helpful Tips

Home Office Tips

  • COVID-19 Best Practices580.9kb
  • How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting537.6kb
  • How to Work from Home with Kids Around4mb