Kijiji Autos welcomes Neal O’Donoghue as National Head of Sales

Neal O'Donoghue

Kijiji Autos welcomes our newest team member, Neal O’Donoghue, as our National Head of Sales. Our team sat down with Neal (virtually) and asked him a few questions:

Tell us a bit about your experience?
I spent the early part of my career in the newspaper industry, with Thomson, Hollinger, Sun Media and TorStar, where I was fortunate enough to experience both traditional and then digital media in the late 90s. I then joined AutoTrader as a Director of Sales for Ontario, where I managed 13 regional offices and auto, real estate and general classified products and teams. From there, I took the role of National Director of Business Development, where my team rolled out AutoTrader's first website program, and introduced Canada to vAuto. In recent years, I’ve been the VP of Business Development and Marketing for Walkaway, within the Finance & Insurance world of business.

What are the ingredients for a successful sales team?
In all my roles, I specialized at building best-in-class products and sales teams. The focus has always been on the customer, and I’ve utilized data to engineer the best results. Technology has changed the way consumers shop, and I have always stayed on the leading edge of that curve.

What excites you about Kijiji Autos?
When the opportunity presented itself with Kijiji Autos, I saw it as a chance to return to the media world, where I could join a strong team, and help connect auto dealers to their customers, with the strongest marketplace in Canada. I knew of the great entrepreneurial culture and strong leadership, and wanted to join a company that is viewed as a best-in-class organization.

How has life at Kijiji Autos been so far?
While it’s certainly been an odd time to begin somewhere new, the Kijiji Autos team have made me feel as welcome as if in person! Since I have been here, I’m sure my colleagues would say that I ask a lot of questions, and I try to look at things with a fresh perspective, and always try to be a positive influence on the group. I bring over 20 years of industry knowledge and friendships, rooted in mutual respect and trust. I know that my role here will be one of connecting again with the marketing arms of the industry, and exploring all opportunities for growth.