Continued COVID-19 Support for Kijiji Autos Dealers

We know the automotive industry has been deeply impacted by COVID-19. The situation is constantly evolving, and at Kijiji Autos, our priority is providing the best possible support for our dealer community.

Building on our April announcement, we’ve also waived 100 per cent of all Listing & Feature monthly subscription fees for dealers in May. Additionally, to continue to support our dealers, we’re keeping all listings live on the platform, allowing car buyers to continue searching for their next vehicle and confidently connect with dealers from the comfort of their home.

COVID-19 community safety page
We recognize the role each of us plays in flattening the curve of COVID-19. Health Canada has asked Canadians to avoid non-essential gatherings and practice physical distancing, and the Kijiji Autos community is no exception to this. We ask that all users meet only if necessary, and if they do need to meet in person, to ensure they maintain a distance of approximately two metres at all times.

Our Kijiji Autos COVID-19 Community Safety page was developed to provide the Kijiji Autos community with health and safety guidelines for navigating COVID-19 purchases. As such, we’re encouraging customers to consider other ways to use our platform and connect with dealers. For example, many of our dealership partners offer online tours of their showrooms, consultations via video chat or phone and online financing and purchasing options.

New COVID-19 response badges: how they can help
Our new COVID-19 response badges are another important resource for our dealers. These badges allow dealers to highlight the ways their customers can best connect with them, remotely or otherwise. As provincial governments begin to gradually ease lockdown restrictions, customers want to stay informed about what services are currently available to them.

Kijiji Autos COVID-19 response badges can be used to direct customers to services such as online car purchasing, virtual appraisals, payment deferrals and more, ensuring quality of service while following physical distancing guidelines. For a full list of dealer services, visit our How To Buy Vehicles From Home During COVID-19 page today.

If you’re a dealer and would like to add COVID-19 response badges to your inventory and highlight what services you’re currently offering, reach out to your dedicated Kijiji Autos account manager who will gladly assist you in getting set up. For any other questions, visit our Help Desk today.

The Kijiji Autos team will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, ensuring our dealer community has the tools needed to connect with car shoppers during this time.