A look at the latest consumer attitudes amid COVID-19

Kijiji Autos recently conducted a study with Canadian Car Shoppers and learned that 77% of them still intend to purchase between now and 2-3 months after lockdown - so now is the time to ensure inventory lineups are online!

Knowing how much the pandemic has affected the automotive industry, it’s easy to understand why 60% of Canadians surveyed chose to delay their car purchase until they were confident that they could test drive a vehicle safely.

We wanted to dig deeper and uncover the best ways for Kijiji Autos to adapt our platform for these changes in consumer shopping mindset, while keeping our dealer partners informed and connected with car shoppers. The key findings from the study reinforce the need for clear, concise online communication from dealers to their prospective customers.

Clear communication can increase buyer confidence
The top services that have increased buyer confidence recently are safe (or solo) test drives, disinfection and cleaning protocols, remote vehicle inspections and attractive financing options. As provinces across Canada reopen at different stages, it’s important for dealers to clearly identify what precautions they’re taking to help attract customers to their dealerships.

Increasingly, car shoppers are looking for information beyond just the vehicle listings themselves. They want to know more about vehicle registration - has this process been impacted by COVID-19? What about dealership operations and services - have these been impacted as well? By addressing these frequently asked questions, dealers can reassure their customers that their safety is paramount, while showcasing important services like financing options and buying incentives.

Kijiji Autos helps dealers create a digital showroom and connect with car shoppers by helping them accurately communicate the availability of test drives and any relevant safety precautions by utilizing the Kijiji Autos COVID-19 response badges. These badges allow car shoppers to see what services dealerships are offering. For a full list of the services available to highlight using the Kijiji Autos COVID-19 response badges, see here.

The top reason Canadians are looking for a vehicle is for day-to-day tasks
The Kijiji Autos Customer Sentiment Report also revealed some of the driving motivations for car shoppers at this time. The top reason Canadians are looking for a new vehicle is to help them with day-to-day tasks like getting to work, care taking and grocery shopping. Overall, Canadians are looking for a reliable and safe means of transportation.

The second most popular reason that Canadians are currently car shopping is that they don’t want to miss out on a deal. Since car shoppers are still searching out of necessity, it’s important for dealers to ensure that inventory is well-merchandised to easily communicate vehicle features, and all offers and promotions are clearly highlighted.

For help setting up COVID-19 response badges or any other questions, dealers should visit our Help Desk today.

Download the full report here.