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What is Admarkt?

Kijiji users are smart, savvy and know how to shop for a great deal. Admarkt adds more value to your business by placing your Buy & Sell products where customers are looking for them.

  • Put your money where the clicks are

    You’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ads. That means you choose exactly how much or little you want to spend.

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  • Get noticed

    Admarkt ads have guaranteed positions for the people browsing and searching on Kijiji, so you’ll get noticed from buyers who are already thinking about your product.

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  • More online and local sales

    Show off your products with your own digital storefront. The “Buy from Seller” feature will drive more people to your website, and then right to your online cart to make the sale. Admarkt ads are shown to people in your neighbourhood, so you’ll get more local foot traffic too. It’s a win-win situation.

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  • A familiar face with added perks

    We started with the Kijiji you already love and added more performance tools. Set up your Admarkt account, and start creating and managing ads like you’re used to - it’s that easy. Thanks to the budget you’ll set, there’s no need to manage your ads every day.

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Let's talk numbers.

Here's how to figure out your budget

Control your budget

Choose how much you want to spend on your listing and then how much you want to spend per click*. The higher your Cost-Per-Click, the more face-time you’ll get from buyers.

Call the shots

Decide when to run, pause or delete your listing at any time. It’s up to you.

Get down to business

Step One

Sign up for your Admarkt account or fast track using your current Kijiji email

Step Two

Instantly start importing or creating ads

Step Three

Set your budget

  • I just want to relay to you how satisfied I am with [Admarkt] and the results I’m getting. It’s already paid for itself.
  • The customers just keep coming and coming, let your team know the program is working.
    RobinExpert Island
  • Our sales have doubled since we joined [Admarkt]. We look forward to continuing to work with you
    PriyaGreystone Fine Furniture