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Opportunity awaits on Kijiji.

Admarkt turns Kijiji searches into opportunities for your business. Let’s grow your business, and reach new, loyal customers.

  • Get noticed by the right audience.

    Admarkt ads have guaranteed placement on all search results pages, so you’ll connect with shoppers who are already thinking about products like yours.

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  • Drive more leads your way.

    We make it easy for shoppers to connect with you. Drive them from your ad to your website, your inbox, or even your front door.

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  • Put your money where it counts.

    You only pay when a shopper clicks into your product page, bringing you a step closer to the sale.

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Who is Admarkt for?

If you want to build greater awareness, drive more traffic to your store or website, or introduce customers to your entire range of products, your brand belongs here.

Admarkt is currently available for Kijiji’s Buy & Sell category and Tires & Rims in Cars & Vehicles.

  • We would not be where we are today if it was not for Kijiji, as they are our online presence for Openbox.
    Openbox | Calgary
  • Kijiji tends to produce more awareness and drive quality inquiries for our sales team
    Cancork Flooring
  • Kijiji helped us optimize our advertising mix to drive more qualified leads from digital vs. traditional advertising solutions.
    Aery Furniture

The advantages of your Admarkt ad.

  • Detailed Descriptions:

    Make more shoppers interested by highlighting all your product’s bells and whistles.

  • Map View:

    Drive local traffic directly to your store.

  • Logo:

    Get more consumers engaging with your brand.

  • Website:

    Get consumers to learn more, or buy now on your site.

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